Wellness in Action at Pitt Meadows Library – Jan 17 2017

Wellness in Action at Pitt Meadows Library last Tuesday (Jan 17 2017) organized by the City of Pitt Meadows. Wellness starts with caring for the precious resources, body & mind to beat the daily stress. Tune into your Microcosm daily to cleanse, purify and recharge the Mind.

Cooling off the Stress of Burnaby Firefighters with Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation

2017 started with Fire, Yes, literally with Firefighters who are in the middle of Fires saving lives day in and day out. Humbled and Honored to be sharing the knowledge of Science of Stress, PTSD and Neuroscience of Meditation along with tools and techniques of Self Compassion Meditation with Burnaby Fire Department. Great sense of humor and absolutely entertaining group of Warriors.

Meditation for Stress Management – Tommy Douglas Library, Burnaby – Feb 19 2017

Learn the tools of Sookshma Self-Compassion Meditation to clear your mind and body of the mental and emotional toxins that can affect your brain structure and physical and emotional well-being. Exercise as well as relax and rejuvenate your mind and body in this workshop led by Dr. Suman Kollipara. He will also share the science of stress and the neuroscience and health benefits of meditation.

Pls register for free at: http://www.bpl.bc.ca/events/meditation

Self Compassion Healing Program for Burnaby Firefighters – Jan 2017

Will be presenting tools of Sookshma program and Meditation for Stress Management to assist our Firefighters in managing stress and related trauma issues. Firefighters put their lives in the frontline and burn their inside out for the humanity. Our Job to show gratitude and compassion to the saviours of life.


Mental Illness to Wellness – Psychiatric Unit at Vancouver General Hosiptal

We have been active in empowering inpatients at Psychiatric Unit in Vancouver General Hospital providing Sookshma Self Compassion program to help them heal from the past and step into the future with Self confidence and compassion. It has been a life changing experience.

Integrating Mindfulness/Meditation Training into K-12 Education

Since 2005, 14 studies of programs that directly train students in mindfulness have collectively demonstrated a range of cognitive, social, and psychological benefits to both elementary (six studies) and high school (eight studies) students. These include improvements in working memory, attention, academic skills, social skills, emotional regulation,
and self-esteem, as well as self-reported improvements in mood and decreases in anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Please read the complete study here at this link: