Integrating Mindfulness/Meditation Training into K-12 Education

Since 2005, 14 studies of programs that directly train students in mindfulness have collectively demonstrated a range of cognitive, social, and psychological benefits to both elementary (six studies) and high school (eight studies) students. These include improvements in working memory, attention, academic skills, social skills, emotional regulation,
and self-esteem, as well as self-reported improvements in mood and decreases in anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Please read the complete study here at this link:

Meditation and ageing: Cognitive improvements in older adults

The results of the scientific research done at Research Centre for Brain and Behaviour Liverpool John Moores University, UK shows that engaging in just over 10 min of mindfulness practice five times per week resulted in significant improvements in behavioral (response latency) and electrophysiological (N2 event-related potential) measures related to general task performance.

Overall, the results indicate that engaging in mindfulness meditation training improves the maintenance of goal-directed visuospatial attention and may be a useful strategy for counteracting cognitive decline associated with aging. Full Research study can be found at the below link:


Sookshma Self Compassion programs for Stress Management in Surrey Libraries

The first of the series of Sookshma Self Compassion programs for Stress Management in Surrey Libraries has inspired many inspite of a rainy Thanks Giving weekend at Fleetwood library. Great feedback and response from the audience and Library staff. Information-Inspiration-Transformation continues on.

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Addiction to Self Compassion leads for Recovery – Tommy Douglas Sookshma Meditation Session

Very interactive session at Tommy Douglas Library on October 1 2016.

Focused group learnt Science of Addictions, Research on Meditation and its impact on recovery, along with the practice of Sookshma Self compassion program. Everyone left Energized and Elevated.

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Stress Management for Students of BCIT

Sowing seeds of change through simple, subtle Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation practices for Students at BCIT. Their hectic life filled with deadlines and juggling multiple responsibilities can be very stressful. Taking 20 min every day in the morning and night to work on the self can rejuvenate and reignite the hidden potential for accomplishing the dreams and goals.

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McGill library Workshop – Anxiety to Awareness with Sookshma – Self Compassion Healing program

Sookshma Subtle Awareness is the key to annexing Anxiety at its bud. Great participation at McGill Library couple of weeks back. Inspiring Feedback from Youngsters to Seniors after the session with fulfillment that Sookshma Self Compassion Program can empower them and help handle Simple to Complex anxieties of life.

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