Health is Wealth – Episode 4 – Meditation

In this Episode on Meditation, Guru Sunita Bapooji through her usual subtle , simple, serene, style and sense of humour peels the layers of the most complex material of the world “Mind” to help us understand the essence of Meditation.

Meditation, a tool that has been so popular for ages is more talked and researched about now than ever for its value in our day to day lives, from simple benefits like keeping the mind clear and calm, unwind from the stress to healing complex life style diseases like Hypertension, Depression, Anxiety, Crohns disease, Colitis and many others.

In this Episode on Meditation, Master Sunita Bapooji through her usual subtle, simple, serene, style and sense of humour peels the layers of the most complex material of the world “Mind” to help us understand the essence of Meditation.

I am sure given an opportunity we all are looking for ways to achieve work-life balance. We want the ability to create abundance in wealth and health for our family and society. If so, then meditation is the answer, to regulate and capture the power of mind to channel the energy for the benefit of Self and Society.

Meditation is the way to achieve the harmony in our lives for not only inner peace, but also maximize & optimize the Physical, Mental and Emotional energies for leading a life filled with good choices that make a positive influence on ourselves, family and the society.

Lets embrace the Silent Path to break the barriers of Mind.

Health is Wealth- Episode 3 – ‘Dialogue on Diabetes’ continues….

We continue our discussion on Diabetes from the previous episode of our on-going health series ‘Health is Wealth’.

In this segment, we chat with Sunita Bapooji to understand many other interesting aspects of this dreadful disease.

Sunita Bapooji also takes us through a journey of Yoga asanas that are very good in preventing and curing Diabetes. Also we feature a recipe made from Bitter guard which is found to be one of the best vegetables in prevention and cure of Diabetes.

Meena Kollipara takes us on a culinary trip into the land of spices from Indian kitchen to show us medicinal value of these Subtle and Simple ingredients that form the foundation of healing in day to day cooking from Indian Sub continent. We continue to look forward for your feedback and suggestions as we try our best to view the Health with both eyes, Ancient and Modern perspectives.


Health is Wealth – Episode 2 – ‘Diabetes- A Sweet Disease’

Diabetes- A Sweet Disease.

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to bring you the second episode of  “Health is Wealth”.  Starting with this episode and going forward, we delve deeper into understanding simple and complex problems that affect our Mind and Body.

In this episode we discuss a “sweet” disease, that can adversely impact the Body and Mind, namely Diabetes. Sunita Bapooji is back to speak to us about ancient wisdom, her experiences with Diabetes in her family, and more universally, to tell us about several simple day to day life-style changes we can embrace to prevent the onset of Diabetes.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we look forward to your sending us valuable feedback and suggestions to evolve this series in a way that you and your family find educational, entertaining and enlightening.

Health is Wealth – Take One

This is a Life style show under the guidance of Medical professionals and Master Sunita Bapooji, produced by Touch Soul Innovations and presented by Peace Tree Innovations Society. The purpose of “Health is Wealth” is to provide you with an opportunity to understand how Health can translate to Wealth – Material, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wealth. This is achieved via showcasing a simplified understanding of Mind and Body along with practical application of Ancient wisdom for leading a healthy and happy life.

Dear all,

As part of Peace Tree’s mission of spreading the Mind-Body awareness for creating Inner Peace and health for humanity, we are soon coming up with a Video series  -“Health is Wealth”. It is our small attempt for a greater cause of Universal well being. Continue reading “Health is Wealth – Take One”

Sookshma Workshop – International Day of Peace 2010

Sookshma Meditation by Sunita Bapooji – October 2nd 2010 – On Occasion of International Day of Peace 2010

Peace Tree Inoovations Society humbly brings to you “Sookshma Meditation by Sunita Bapooji” this fall, on October 2nd 2010 to Coquitlam BC.
This also coincides with International Day of Peace that Peace Tree celebrates every year.

Date: October 2nd 2010
Time: 9AM – 10:30 AM
Location: Timbers Club (Hockey Room), 3090 Dayanee Springs Blvd, Coquitlam V3E 0C2
Price: 25 CAD

Please bring Yoga Mat, Blanket to cover and a Napkin.

Please RSVP as there are only 20 seats available.

Techniques are available every where, but if you want to receive the guidance of a Self Realized Master and dwell in the Bliss of Pure Yogic healing energy, this is an opportunity of Life time.

Mother is Yoga – Sunita Bapooji

Yoga chittha vritthi nirodhaha
Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind

Sunita Bapooji - Mother is Yoga

On this auspicious occasion of Mothers day it is with infinite bliss I wish all the Mothers in the world Peace, Joy and Love in all aspects of their lives.

Mother is a divine force of creation on Earth. Mother is a
representation of the energy of all forms from bearing, rearing and nurturing the life. As a Mother myself, I feel honoured to have been given an opportunity to share my thoughts with you all.

As we all know Yoga is the Union of Mind and Body. It is state of Bliss where Mind is calm and still. One Saint, Vinoba Bhave, from India used to have lot of discussions about Karma (Action), Jnana (Knowledge) and Bhakti (Devotion) Yogas. He always wondered why people could not make all these forms of Yoga part of their life. Karma Yoga – The Yoga of Action, which means to perform duties without any expectation of results and develops a level of detachment and in a way that gives us infinite peace. Jnana Yoga is the way of attaining that Bliss by using Knowledge as a weapon to fight and clean the impurities and wavering of mind. Bhakti Yoga is a way of attaining the peace by developing devotion to the Supreme Force or God and completely surrender all the thoughts and actions to that Pure Energy.

So Vinoba Bhave spent a lot of time trying to find this person who would make all these forms of Yoga, a way of life. One day the light dawned upon him and he was in extreme joy that he found the answer. He declared and announced “It is the Mother who practices all forms of Yoga”.

The Mother cooks for the children with an unselfish attitude – this is Karma Yoga— performing her duties with no expectations for herself – Yoga of Action. She sees that the food is cooked with proper nutrition and taste – this is Jnana Yoga – Yoga of Knowledge. She feeds her children with unconditional love with utmost devotion – this is Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of Devotion.

This story I heard from my father who was my first Guru. My mother was uneducated but she was innocent and Pure, without realizing she had been practicing these three forms of Yoga all her life.

But in the modern world we are forgetting the essence of these ancient approaches to life. We are caught in the rat race of life forgetting the pure energy that is present in every single person. If a woman has been gifted to create a new life within, can you imagine the potential a woman has within? Unfortunately we cover the Pure Energy by the emotions of Jealousy, Selfishness, Greed, Possessiveness and Anger, creating Hell on Earth.

Many realizations from my childhood have resulted in the birth of ‘Sookshma Yoga and Meditation’. I believe that 90% of the human suffering is because of Self-Inflicted pain. Sookshma tools are ‘Purity and Bliss’. Benefits you will gain in the long run are cumulative and the life will progressively undergo a miraculous transformation. Slowly but surely you will know what Joy really means. Everything is possible with Sookshma. Sookshma has the power to influence not just you, but generations to come for hundreds of years. Ask yourself this question: Am I really Happy? Am I really peaceful every moment? Please give yourself an honest answer. From your answer you decide what is important for life. There is something I would like to say before I conclude. Postures and Breathing exercises are only part of Yoga, they are not the complete system of Yoga. Eternal Bliss can be experienced only with Purity of thought.