Self Compassion Meditation workshops at Burnaby Metrotown Library – August 19th and 26th – 7PM to 8:30PM

Two Sookshma – Self Compassion Meditation program workshops are coming up in Metrotown Library on August 19th and 26th from 7PM to 8:30PM.
Please block your dates and join us for another Information, Inspiration, Transformation series right in the heart of Burnaby.

You need to please register on the library website below for free:

Meditation for stress management-Metrotown

Meditation for emotional -Metrotown


Two Sookshma – Self Compassion program workshops at Tsawwassen Public Library – August 6th and 13th – 1.30PM to 3PM

Two Sookshma – Self Compassion program workshops are coming up in Tsawwassen on August 6th and 13th from 1.30PM to 3PM.
Looking forward to see you all for another Information, Inspiration, Transformation series right in the beautiful, sunny, ocean side Tsawwassen Public Library.

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2 Lecture Workshops – Richmond Public Library – July 10 and 17

There are 2 upcoming Lecture workshops in Richmond Public Library on July 10th and 17th 2016.

Please register at the Library website for free:

Meditation for Stress Management:

Meditation for Emotional Intelligence:

See you all there.

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2012 Info-session: Sookshma Meditation by Sunita Bapooji

Master Sunita Bapooji is offering Sookshma program for small groups in the Greater Vancouver Area.

If you are new to Sookshma Program, this is a golden opportunity to spend 30 minutes with Sunita and experience the Sookshma program yourself before signing up for upcoming Group sessions.

Location: Guildford Library(Meeting room) – 10470 152 ST  Surrey BC

Date: Feb 05 2012

Time: 2PM

Duration: 30 min

Admission: Free (Please pre-register for our convenience by sending an email to or calling 778-882-7656)

Sookshma program is tailored for modern hectic life style & all age groups built around 4 pillars of life – “Career, Relationships, Health & Wealth

It encompasses:

  • Simple exercises for the body derived from ancient yogic practices
  • Training the breath
  • Balanced nutrition for the body
  • Meditation for cleansing the Mind
  • Pure vibrations of Sunita for elevating the spirit

It helps:

  • Overcome day to day stress
  • Improve your child’s performance at school or Sports/Arts
  • Advance your dream career to create wealth and provide leadership
  • Solve lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Crohns, Colitis, IBS and more
  • Heal psycho-somatic and physical trauma from the past
  • Enhance relationships
  • All ages experience natural anti-aging

 For more information on Sunita and Sookshma, visit us at: