Substance Abuse to Soul Awareness

After a 1 year Prison project at Surrey Correction Centre in reforming Inmates, Master Sunita is now closely working with John Volken Academy ( to empowering the Youth in overcoming all types of Substance Abuse and Addictions.
As always Master’s Pure Empathy comes across very clearly with her unconditional love & great sense of humour, uplifting the souls of one and all with her positive vibrations touching the hearts of youngsters who are keen to transform and bring their lives back into mainstream. Transformative expreince of Sookshma Pure Energy of Master Sunita.

Sooskhma Program is a Self empowerment program that provides self improvement tools like subtle and simple exercises, Breathing techniques and Meditation for aiding in the purification of mind and body to overcome the vices and addictions and lead a life filled with abundant bliss, health and wealth.

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Meditation classes introduced into school timetables in United Kingdom

In modern hectic life style there is lot of stress creeping into children’s lives in various forms like peer pressure, bullying, social & cultural impact and changes in family dynamics. This Stress compromises attention, inhibition, working memory, organization, and mental flexibility. Master Sunita has coached many students and conducted workshops with local school boards to empower children with simple empowering tools of Meditation and Self Compassion tools of Sookshma. We have seen dramatic improvements in the lives of children with the practise of inner silence for building the muscle of resilience in their day to day lives.

Very happy to see that Meditation is now adopted into the time tables in United Kingdom schools.

Much needed and the greatest gift that we can give our children.

How Meditation can help with Workplace Stress

In a week day, as adults, we spend most of our time at workplace – about 8-9 hrs is a normal for most of us. As workplace is a field of human interaction, there is a very high possibility of stress piling up because of tight deadlines, relationship issues with co-workers, boss or people who report to you. At the crux of this probelm is the Mind and its emotions. There is a lot of emphasis on Emotional Intelligence at work place these days. But Stress is a big factor that works against Emotional Intelligence.

As mentioned in the below article, According to the American Psychological Association, stress has become a major health problem in the United States, especially work-related stress. Most of us have to deal with work-related stress at some time or another, but are we fully aware of the consequences?

Research has shown that too much stress leads to higher blood pressure, heart disease, overeating, and several other health problems. It also leads to various psychological and emotional problems. When we’re stressed out, our lives are consumed with worry and insecurity. The bottom line is that stress will lead to an unhealthy and unhappy life. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Please click on the link below to read further….

Dalai Lama’s American doctor wants more Compassion in Medicine

Before he was a personal physician to the Dalai Lama, Dr. Barry Kerzin never imagined that a professional trip to Tibet would lead him down a decades-long path studying Buddhism and meditation. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro talks to Kerzin in India about his feeling that compassion and empathy are essential to medical training.