Meditation can help achieve peak performance in Sports

This article from Huffington Post talks about the positive impact of Meditation in Sports world.

George Mumford may not be a household name, but if you’ve ever followed basketball then you’ve likely seen his work. If you’ve seen the Three Peat by the Bulls, the Lakers’ championships, Michael Jordan’s famous championship-winning jump shot, Kobe Bryant’s magic, or even Shaquille O’Neil driving the lane, then you’ve seen the tip of his iceberg. He’s the mindfulness coach and secret weapon behind Phil Jackson and many of the most successful NBA players and teams in the sport. Please continue reading here:

Michael Jordan’s Mindfulness Meditation Coach: The Secret Weapon of Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and You

Did you know that many C Level executives are embracing Meditation?

Did you know that many C Level executives are embracing Meditation to help them with their day to day decision making? Organizations like Google, Aetna, Twitter, Goldman Sachs are actively encouraging employees to adopt Meditation practices.

Please read this article by Dr.Bill George, Professor of Leadership at Harvard University.

Developing Mindful Leaders for the C-Suite: