A Teen Meditation Night – May 3rd – Willingdon Center – Burnaby

Peace Tree Society is collaborating with City of Burnaby for the Youth week in offering Meditation for Teens between the ages of 13 and 18 on May 3rd from 4:30pm to 6pm. Please take advantage of this opportunity to bring your teen for this interactive workshop where they get to draw inspiration from experiences of fellow youth who are currently practicing Meditation and also embrace the scientific knowledge and tools of Mindfulness Meditation in managing their ever changing lives filled with stress and emotional roller coaster ride. Please pass this message to any teen you think might benefit from this program.

Meditation for Teens
Meditation for Teens

Information – Inspiration – Transformation Series at Tommy Douglas Library

Another energizing & rejuvenating event presented by Peace Tree Society in collaboration with Burnaby Libraries at Tommy Douglas Library on April 23 2016. Sookshma- Self Compassion Healing Program on the roll with ‘Information-Inspiration-Transformation’ Series in Vancouver. Many more sessions coming. Please stay tuned.

Sookshma- Self Compassion Healing Program at Tommy Douglas Library - April 23 2016

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Sookshma- Self Compassion Healing Program at Tommy Douglas Library – April 23 2016

Meditation for Stress Management at the City of Burnaby

Peace Tree Society has been conducting Meditation for Stress Management sessions for the staff of City of Burnaby using the tools of Self Compassion Healing Meditation. Sessions included Lecture on Science of Stress, Neuroscience of meditation, Organizations tackling Workplace stress using Meditation, the latest research on the benefits of Meditation on overall well-being and showcase of tools & techniques of Mindfulness & Meditation. Here is the 5th session in action.

Meditation Sessions for Stress Management for the staff of the City of Burnaby
Meditation Sessions for Stress Management for the staff of the City of Burnaby

COB-April13 2016




Radio Interview of Dr.Suman Kollipara at Zoom Atlanta

In this latest 1 hr Radio Interview done on March 19 2016, Dr.Suman Kollipara  discusses how he came across Master Sunita and her Sookshma Program of Self Compassion Healing Meditation and how it changed his life forever. He also goes into many details of how each of us can lead a healthy balanced life style while handling day to day stress in form of responsibilities at home, relationship challenges, teenage peer pressures and career confusions. He emphasizes that, no matter what situation one is in their life, the first step is to start with the Self, and caring for the most precious resources that we have, Mind and Body.
Be the Change is the true essence of this message.

Meditation for Stress Management – McGill Library – April 7 2016

Giving is Living.
Master Sunita says ‘When you perform duties for your wellbeing, you feel happy, When you perform selfless duties for others, you feel Bliss’. Another Sookshma – Self Compassion Healing Meditation for Stress Management – Lecture/Workshop at McGill Public Library. Full session filled with Bliss


Meditation for Stress Management
Meditation for Stress Management

Mindful Leadership – Sookshma Lecture Workshop at Gwinnett Tech – Atlanta, GA

No matter what race, color, gender, religion, culture one belongs to, there is a common thread that connects us all as humanity, that is the experience of pure love in the Pure Consciousness which is our true nature. As we let go the monkey mind filled with Vices and tame the intoxicated elephant like body, we realize the pure bliss in our pure self. The Sookshma Mindful Leadership workshop at Gwinnett Tech in Atlanta was a festival of Unity in Diversity. Youth Inspired.

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