Teen Stress Relieved at Fleetwood Public Library in Surrey

The root cause of most of the mental illness that we see today starts with simple stress and Teens are most vulnerable to it. Peace Tree Innovations Society had a great opportunity to collaborate with the City of Surrey and Surrey Libraries in delivering much needed session for the wellbeing of Teenagers. Our vision is to educate all with the science and wisdom of well-being, provide the experience of wellness and fullness of bliss, eventually enlighten to the oneness of all. Heartfelt gratitude to all for the support.

Meditation for Emotional Intelligence – Surrey Teachers Association Convention – May 5 2017

We will be presenting “Meditation for Emotional Intelligence” workshop at the Surrey Teachers Association Convention on May 5th. Teaching is a noble profession that is constantly working to create our Future. Master Sunita says “Compassion and Love are the most important qualities of Teacher” and Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation Program can help Teachers to overcome the emotional burnout in the classrooms to sustain their wellness, fullness and oneness