3rd International Yoga Day Celebrations in Vijayawada, AP India

Peace Tree Innovations Society in collaboration with the Government of Andhra Pradesh participated in the United Nations 3rd International Yoga day program in Vijayawada. Master Sunita’s presence with Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri.Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu, Hon.Health Minister Dr.Kamineni Srinivas garu, Smt.M. Revathi garu, I.F.S. Commissioner, Ayush Department. Yoga for Wellness and Oneness.

Sookshma and Master Sunita at the Government of Andhra Pradesh

Peace Tree Innovations Society in collaboration with the Government of Andhra Pradesh presented Sookshma Program workshops for the staff of the Secretariat. The one week program was led by Master Sunita helping staff and officers at the Secretariat achieve Wellness, Fullness and Oneness.

Meditation for Stress Management – Terry Fox Library – Poco

Most of the illness that we see in society today is because we abuse the ‘Fight or Flight’ response. Instead of using that evolutionary response for facing real threats, we abuse it by fighting with our fake self and running too far away from our true selves. Sookshma of Master Sunita helps one to realize & fall in love with the True Self within and experience the bliss and peace of Pure Self. It was an absolute honor to have Dr.Arun Garg join the session and speak a few words of his experience and efforts to enhance wellness in the community. Dr.Arun Garg is the Program Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Fraser Health and Cooperation and Engagement office in the Department of Pathology Medicine of the University of British Columbia. He is also the Medical Director of Fraser Health’s South Asian Health Institute and Special Advisor to the Dean of Health Sciences of British Columbia Institute of Technology on India. Heartfelt gratitude to all.

International Yoga Day Celebrations – University of British Columbia – Vancouver

Please join Dr.Suman Kollipara on June 17th at University of British Columbia for a talk on Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation as part of International Yoga Day Celebrations.

Dr. Suman Kollipara: Peace Tree.
Title of talk: Moksha in Sookshma

Please get your free tickets here. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/international-yoga-festival-vancouver-2017-tickets-31663636790

Sookshma transcends all barriers, Young or Old, Day or Night – Vijayawada – Day 2 – May 2017

Sookshma transcending all the barriers, Young or Old, Day or Night, to catch the source of pure energy, constantly cleansing, purifying, energizing and enlightening the Self for Wellness, Fullness and Oneness. Day 2 of Master Sunita‘s session in Vijayawada

Sookshma Under the Moonlight in Vijayawada, India – May 2017

Under the Sky, in the Moonlight, Sookshma of Master Sunita outshines all the external illumination, revealing the radiance of Inner Self, merging with Cosmic Self & the vastness of the universe, witnessed by the twinkling stars in awe. Happens only at dusk in the cool summer breeze of Blazewada i.e. The City of Vijayawada.
Sookshma starts with simple steps to Personal Wellness, giving the experience of full moon bliss and Oneness with all. We are the luminous stardust beings with infinite nuclear power within