Natural Living

With the science and technology taking over human life in all spheres, there is lot of change in the way we live and interact with nature, that we are an integral part of.

Urbanization had created pockets of malls and super markets that provide us with all the needs of the body from nutritional, cleansing and medicinal products.

Technology has driven the knowledge to its limits, that a young lad in a city is unaware of the source of milk. He does not know the existence of Cow.

This kind of ignorance can create ‘Robot Humans’ where we are fed with items for which we do not have any information about the origin and nutritional identity.

The goal of “Centre for Wellness and Oneness” is to bring the awareness into the habits of our day to day life, from the food we eat, cosmetics we use, cleanliness habits we adopt, basic postures of standing, sitting and sleeping habits. It enables us to find nutritional value in the food we eat and way we live without disturbing environment within and outside.

These healthy habits aim at building a strong, healthy body and mind in resonating with nature, taking advantage of simple methods for healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Our faulty lifestyles, creates leakages in our own bodies and minds, the impurities start accumulating in our life and eventually manifest in form of psychosomatic disorders. Other than the natural disasters, Disease is caused by our own ignorance most of the times.

‘Centre for Wellness and Oneness’ plays a major role in not just helping heal a mal-function, but defining and setting standards for body and mind to transcend the faulty lifestyles and walk towards the personal wellness and global oneness. The Center aims at identifying Natural way of Living as a communion of Science, Philosophy and Culture.

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