Why Peace Tree

In Cosmic co-existence, human inhabitant had always depended on one Life sustaining system on this blue planet, The Tree. From the quality of air we breathe, to the food we eat, the shelter we receive, everything is provided by these divine beings in silence, bearing all the brunt from the nature’s forces. In the current world of turmoil and war, the only hope for human survival is a Tree, symbolic of peace and selfless service.

The cause of human agony has always been attributed to the actions that are derived from the thoughts of the mind. We know that the way we think influences our actions and the way we nourish and care for our body influences the thoughts in the mind. Today we have realized the importance of Mind-Body connection and the balance that it can bring into our life.

Tree is symbolic of that bridge between the Body and Mind. The Roots of a tree that keep its life very stable and grounded to the creation and the Trunk that becomes a channel of life’s energy, form the basis of Tree’s existence. This tight integration between the roots and the trunk, eventually create the blossoming flora, springing and vibrant leaves and the delicious fruits.

All the stages of tree’s growth in different seasons are determined by the strength in the root and the trunk.

In a similar manner, the Mind and Body, form the foundation of human creation and growth. The ancient wisdom has emphasized the value of creating a strong integration between Mind and Body in leading a balanced life by encompassing Healthy lifestyle by uniting our body very deeply and strongly rooted to the ground of life and streamlining the thoughts of mind in a positive and peaceful way into our body, are essential to bear the flowers and fruits of life, always providing a cool shade of selfless service to the humanity. To create tools and knowledge for practicing the ancient wisdom and create wellness and oneness in life is the mission of “Peace Tree –Centre for Wellness and Oneness”.

To become a Tree is the essence of wellness and oneness.

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