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Peace Tree Innovations Society is a non-profit organization conducting campaigns for mind/body awareness and build the muscle of Emotional Intelligence in one and all.

The Mission of ‘Peace Tree – Centre for Peace and Harmony’ is to spread the awareness of Our Body and Mind and help discovering happiness and peace within ourselves.

Also to show the humanity, importance of simple things that make a big difference in life in creating societies with compassion, love and peace.

To simplify the understanding of the complex mechanism of human body and mind and empowering individuals and families with scientific knowledge of ancient wisdom.

Applying this knowledge to put into practice in our day-to-day lives and bring vigor and rigor into the life.

Educate all age groups and bring all the cultures, religions and beliefs under one umbrella of Peace and Harmonious living.

Help everyone tap into the Pure potential that is present everywhere and within ourselves.

Peace Tree is built upon a strong foundation of selfless service for humanity and bringing back a fine and subtle balance into eco-system of nature, families and social structures that we are losing in the name of modernization and advancement.

Our mission is not to argue or challenge any group or culture or religion or methods, but work with a common motto of “Peace and Harmony in Life with Holistic Living”.

We believe that Inner Peace brings World Peace.

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